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Root [Verizon] Date/Time incorrect while in Recovery

While in Recovery, the Date/Time are incorrect. The date resets each time as January 1, 1970. The time will reset and start at 00:00:00. When creating a backup, the Date will be like... 1970-01-01-00.02.41. When I boot normally or reboot from Recovery, the Date/Time are correct. When creating a backup while in ROM Manager, the default backup name, Date/Time, will also be correct. I can't figure out how to change the Date/Time settings while in Recovery or Bootloader.

ROM Manager
CWM Touch Recovery
CleanROM 5.5.1 (JB 4.1.1)
Sent from my $.96 GS3 using CleanROM.
A reply was made in another forum which makes sense. I used the same version of CWM Touch on my HTC Thunderbolt and never had an issue.

Voice Guy from SGS3 Forums said:
A couple days ago, Koush, the developer posted this on Google +:
"SGS3 Time Travel Bug

Put your SGS 3 into Airplane mode.
Turn phone off.
Turn phone on.

Congratulations. You have travelled back in time to 1970.

This is why when you make backups in CWM Recovery manually, the default backup name is 1970. The device doesn't seem to retain the date, and retrieves it from the network on boot. This means, if there's no radio, like in recovery mode, the epoch time is the default, 0. Ie, 1970.

Seems to be an RTC bug.

Also seems to affect other Samsung devices; I think the Note 2 is one of them"
Sent from my $.96 GS3 using CleanROM.
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