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Verizon not sell til 23rd?


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Oct 30, 2009
So I just drove to the Verizon store and went to the counter and proudly order the note 4. When I got there the salesman started laughing at me and saying it doesn't come out till the 23rd... What!? I called another Verizon store which also confirmed the same. I was under the impression it came out on the 17th.

Update. At best buy. Same situation. I was so off..
C'mon people what's the big deal? Developing a bit of patience will lead you to more happiness than being like a kid who can't wait for Xmas morning every time a new phone comes out. In fact, sometimes the waiting - the anticipation - is part of the fun ;-) Chill out, don't freak out about waiting a few days for a cool new phone.

You make all the sense in the world. You are perfectly correct.
...yet I still cannot sleep, I want "Santa Verizon" to send me my shiny new toy!

Logic is not allowed here. Now go away. (Totally kidding) :)
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I am wondering if supply is the reason. None of the carriers have yet to have preorders all filled and both BB and carrier store buds say the allocations have been low. This fits posts in forums and people in store at the local BB and carriers that some are not getting their preorders.

The launch itself appears to be a cluster of both communication and supply. Samsung seems to be stretching to get this device out and all due to iPhone pressure. The display has to have been a bottleneck given the new technology is uses.
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