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Help tcl tab pro 5g FRP authentication loop

We purchased this device as a trial for our device deployment. We installed an MDM, MaaS360, and did a full wipe. We initialized via QR code and set up the policies. Then we did a 2nd wipe of the device via MaaS360 to test it with a fresh install. I got to the google verification screen to bypass the FRP. We authenticate, the device populates in our Google account then asks for verification over and over again. After each verification attempt, we got a message along the lines of "please use your the device owners account" or something like that. I don't remember the text. However as I noted, the device populated in our google account. It sent out the verification via MFA to us. We tried it via email, text, and notification on other device.

I performed a factory reset multiple times via button input. No change. We called MaaS360, Verizon (our carrier/salesman) & TCL tech support. MaaS360 was able to confirm that the wipe went through successfully, but couldn't offer device support (understandable). Verizon said call the manufacturer. The manufacturer offered to fix it, but it would take a month (shipping time and queue). We politely declined and returned the device.

So my questions revolve more around what could have caused this and preventative measures.

1. What are some things that can cause this? It seemed to recognize the verification since it populated in the google account. I know MaaS360 could potentially cause this issue, but we have used the above process hundreds of times on other devices. This has never happened before.

2. Is this a known issue on android itself? Are there work arounds to reduce the likelihood of this. (Explained better below, but MaaS360 deletes the associated work profile prior to wiping the device. In addition, the profile cannot be removed on the device while under MDM control)

3. Is this possibly a flaw inherent in this model, or is it more likely just a flaw in this individual device.

4. What is the likelihood that this is just a weird fluke?

Some Context.
1. I work for an organization. We don't want to use a lot of 3rd party software to fix issues that shouldn't be issues. So, I'm not looking for hacks or software solutions. We have to service too many devices. If it doesn't work as advertised, we're not overly interested.

2. One of the apps we use has a list of like 10 devices that it supports. The TCL tab pro 5 is one of them. The others cost much more than we are wanting to pay for. So I am hoping, this is a one off incident. Also, there is no easy way to replace the app. It ties into a much larger system that we have invested too much money into to replace. At least not for a tablet issue. It'd be more cost efficient to purchase the higher dollar devices, even over the long term.

3. MaaS360 creates a work profile account on the device, but ties it to our master google account. The device itself does not see the master account from my understanding. When MaaS360 wipes the device, it deletes the work profile and then wipes the device.

4.I am by no means an expert in Android nor MaaS360, so some of my assumptions could be wrong.
Cant provide any help myself. But it sounds like TCL's MDM is a rather half-baked, from what you're describing. Perhaps your organisation is better going with something like Samsung's Knox Manage for MDM and corporate mobile device fleet?
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