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Root [Verizon] Poor Reception S3 Verizon


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Jun 11, 2010
I searched for poor reception and also radio, so sorry if this has been asked many times.

I guess I'm really looking for guidance in terms of my options. I posted this in another thread but realized it was a Sprint thread after posting.

I have a question/problem.

My signal is garbage at home AND at work. I use wifi at home to play with the phone but actual 3G signal is bad. I am lucky to get 2 bars but its generally 1 with speed tests of about 80kbps.

I don't have WIFI at work, and get no signal at all.

I still have a week to return the phone but I'd like to keep it if I can get a better signal.

I can follow directions, if someone can point me in the right direction in terms of updating the radio (and which is the best).
Also, if it doesn't help, can I restore it in order to return the phone (if that is what I decide to do) ?

I rooted my Droid X but that was always an app that was one click . So, I am not experienced with all of the terms and such associated with Flashing, ROMS.. etc.

I have the same question. I hope someone with experience gives some advice. I am also having the same issues with reception with this phone. I have had the original droid (rooted it), the bionic and Nexus. Never had any issues with reception with these phones. I have gone through three S3's from Verizon hoping that I would get a good one. They are sending out number 4 today. If it is no better I am thinking about rooting it. But I would like to know if someone has a fixed the radio/connection issues after they rooted the S3.

I am now using my old Nexus until I can figure out the S3. It is a beautiful phone and works great in a 4G area. So I am not ready to give up on it yet.

Sorry if this has been asked before. But any guidance would be great.
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I too have spotty reception issues and weak 4G on my s3.The only reason I stuck with it was because I seen the leaked radios made a big improvement and we're going to be an OTA soon. Every previous android phone I've had (4) were Motorola's. They all got better reception both cellular and data.... I drop data and calls with the S3 when I wouldn't with the Razr, X2,,X,or og droid... I just live with it until the radios become an OTA update.
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Try not to pay too much attention to the amount of bars that you have. Different phones have different ways of interpreting & presenting that info.

Instead look at the dBm value.

1. System settings
2. About device
3. Status

1. -70 to -80 Great
2. -80 to -90 Good
3. -90 to -100 So-So
4. > -100 Not so good.

The higher that asu the better
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The phone's signal is garbage - as of most of Samsung's phones are.

I've heard from somewhere a radio update is coming, but I doubt it's going to be a miracle. There hasn't been any miracle update for any of their other phones...

I'm pretty sure signal goes off of where you at as well....my signal is on par with any other phone i've had
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I'm pretty sure signal goes off of where you at as well....my signal is on par with any other phone i've had

If you compare this with a Razr MAXX side by side, the MAXX will be able to do data/voice fine while the S3 has constant drops and loses signal.

Even side-by-side with my old Droid X, the S3 is worst :thinking: I too hope Samsung can fix this with an OTA somehow... the phone is perfect in every other way.
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