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Verizon prepaid service!


Jul 7, 2011
Hey guys I have a question about how Verizon prepaid service works.

A while ago I had a prepaid t mobile phone and the way it worked was that I bought the phone for full price, activated it and bought a refill card for about $20 and each day a dollar would be taken off from that balance until my balance reaches $0 and I have to buy another refill card.

So my question is verizon's prepaid service similar to tmobile or is it completely different?

I want to get a prepaid droid 3, if that info helps!
Only certain phones on Verizon are available for prepaid service. It's mostly dumbphones, but there are a few android & blackberry phones available, though they are usually on their way out.

Currently the only android phones available for prepaid are the Moto Citrus & Droid X, the Samsung Fascinate & Continuum, & the LG Vortex. If they ever do get the Droid 3, it probably won't be for quite awhile, maybe not until next year.
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