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Root [Verizon] Rooting Problems


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Jan 9, 2010
I used Casual to root my phone. My goal was to get a more stock android experience. I played around with it for a little while. I tried Carbon it worked until the reboot then got stuck in a bootloop. I went back to my recovery and now I really need someone to hold my hand through this process of getting things to work.
Some things to make sure when flashing roms. ;)
Make sure the rom you are trying to flash is for your device AND carrier (Verizon in this case)

Make sure the md5 of the download matches the md5 posted at the download site--see this about md5 checksums--http://androidforums.com/faqs/443074-md5-verification.html

More often than not, there will be flashing instructions at the rom website...but generally, this is my procedure:
Make sure you save your contacts to google. Save any apps/data etc to google or use Titanium Backup (an awesome app in the PlayStore)
Make sure rom is on the sd card --internal or external.
1. Make a nandroid backup.-- in recovery.
2. In recovery wipe cache/dalvik cache/factory reset/wipe data.
3. Flash rom.
4. Reboot.

Now, some roms such as AOSP, require a separate download of GAPPS. (google apps) after the initial rom flash. Carbon is one of them I think.

Edit: looking at your info, I would assume you have the Verizon S3 and not the HTC thunderbolt? :p
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Carbon is by far my favorite as of yet. I've used various other Roms in the past and with different phones/tablets and there was always something that didn't work or was missing (like no live wallpaper support or nonfunctional GPS )

A problem I've ran into but I'm not sure if it's carbon or me screwing with wallet but u can't delete emails in Gmail. I'll play with it when I get home
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Hello there ! I rooted my phone and later after some peroid i unrooted it but now again i want root it but whenever I try to go in recovery mode i get stuck in the red screen in which there is written 'recovery ' in left top side of my KARBONN A7+ I tried many times but still i get stuck in the red screen, left my mobile for hours in that mode but still in stuck in red screen and cant acesss the recovery mode and also i get hang in the karbonn logo whenever i try to reset factory setting from the setting.But my phone works smoothly and perfectly I just want to root it again.. .Any one can help this out please .help will really be appreciated
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