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Verizon Update

I believe I've noticed the improvement inn the camera user interface, but no change to WiFi.

Try forgetting the connection to your router and reboot . Otherwise, try an FDR..

tried forgetting the connection and even resetting my router to factory defaults. So not sure what is going on may need to FDR phone. weird thing my wife's phone is doing the same thing and she has a note 3
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Everything else is fine it is just the phones. I get really bad ping times when running speed test on phone it started after update which could just be it happened at the same time. But my roommates g2 is doing the same thing. You tube went load and if I did it won't play on second screen. Most apps work just run slow. Also emails won't come through at home on Wi-Fi but will else where. So I'm beginning to think it's a gateway issue. But everything else seems ok just the phones are having problems
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Creator69. Did you reboot the cable interface hardware as was suggested? Thanks. Please update us when you've tried that.

Yes I reset came modern to factory defaults. I even tried to give phones reserved IP addresses. Everything else PCs ps3s etc work fine. It is only the phones connected to gateway. Can't imagine it is not something going in with that since it is 2 g2s and a note 3 all on Vzw.
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The update changed the camera. Now it looks like the interface you see in all the reviews and the pictures are 10 times better! Taking pics of my daughter moving was a waste of time, now it works!

Thank you very much for this thread!!! I had NO idea that there was even an update available till this. I actually had to go into the About Phone in the settings and manual update...THNX!
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