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Verizon's home button fix

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Apr 13, 2010
So a guy over at XDA is making vinyl stickers to go over the home button for the Verizon version (or any version for that matter). A much better solution than those huge Spigen buttons that make your button bigger IMO.

He is making them in White, Gloss Black, Carbon Fiber, Silver. I believe he is looking for a vinyl to match the titanium grey phones but doesn't have one yet.

One set of 5 stickers (of the same color) will cost you $1.50 shipped to your door! You can order as many sets as you'd like. Sorry international folks, he can only ship within the U.S.


If this should be moved somewhere else you can move it. It's too early to think right now =P
There are people who don't notice the logo or don't care. There are people who don't like the logo. There maybe some people who like the logo, but I have not seen any yet. I guess when these threads pop up, some people wants to defend their carrier's decision.

Now back to topic. From the zoom in picture, it seems the sticker is not cut right. It does not perfectly cover the button. For the common black or white color, I guess you could just go to local tint shop and ask for leftover cut out pieces. They will probably give it to you for free and you could cut them yourself.
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