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vibrations for sms, i keep missing my messages on S3


Aug 20, 2012
This is a copy of someone elses post but im having the same issue anyone find a solutions. I just finally kicked the Crackberry habit for this phone but I'm really missing a few BB features that were standard. Previously, I had my phone set up to to vibrate three times for a text message, then play a notification sound and vibrate 2 times for a phone call, then start ringing. It was nice to be able to have the time to silence it first when it started vibrating and I'd know right away if it was a text or call.

I've spent a long time tinkering and looking through the manual, but my Epic 4G Touch seems to not have any options to vibrate first or set the number of vibrations. Does anyone know if there's a way to do it or a decent app that does it? I know Tasker might, but I don't have the time to learn it all right now.

Also, it doesn't seem to tell me I got a text message while I'm on a call. Has anyone else experienced this? Sometimes they don't come in until after a call or if they come in, the phone doesn't beep or vibrate during a call.
i have a custom vibration set on the phone, the problem is it doesnt do it when i get a text message. i just get a weak vibration

You should be able to adjust the vibration intensity in the phones sound settings. I found it very weak at first until I turned up the intensity of the vibrate.

I'm not sure about the stock messaging app, but something like Handcent or GoSMS should allow you to configure to vibrate before ringing.
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