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vid/pic sharing app like snapchat?


Apr 26, 2022
I have been using snapchat to share pics/vids of my kids with my family for years. The reason isn't for privacy but because of how convenient it is that:

1. It immediately opens to a camera that makes it easy to take a picture or video
2. Afterwards it is EXTREMELY easy to choose my family or friends or whoever else to send it to
3. The file size isn't upsurd for videos.

Here are the issues that are very inconvenient:

1. Family can't always save videos
2. There is no location data saved so it's harder to organize
3. In fact, even the file names are inconvenient
4. Snapchat doesn't use the camera app for android but just records the screen. So resolution is mostly garbage.... I know file size would be bigger if it wasn't, but I would take that.

As you can imagine, everyone on the receiving end hates dealing with it as they have to screenshot everything to save and it's very inconvenient post-send for me for reasons listed. However the convenience and quickness of taking the photo, savings and sending is just SO huge.

Is there an app that has similar pro's and solves my con's???

The closest I've found to having the pro's is possibly whatsapp since there is a widget straight to the camera, but the resolution of videos is even worse and you also can't choose between lenses to use or anything like that. I'm guessing it's a screen record but even worse quality.

I created an album called Family and Friends in Google Photos and shared that with my family. Photos recognizes any photos I take of certain people or pets, automagically adds them to the album, and notifies everyone there are new photos to view. I'm not sure it works with video as I don't do too much of that.

I pay for storage, so I upload in original resolution, but even the reduced resolution for free would be better than snapchat.

Anyway, at the end of the day, I just take pictures and let Photos take care of the rest.
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I don't know what you mean by a "widget" for WhatsApp (the camera button in the message entry field isn't a widget, but it's the only thing I can think of). The way to get a choice of lenses etc is to take the photos first, then share them via WhatsApp: either select share from your gallery app or else use the paperclip icon in the WhatsApp message entry field to select and add them to a message. That's how I normally work, and while there is downscaling and compression the photo quality at least is still better than a screen shot (I find video quality OK for phone usage, though if you compare side-by-side with the original you can see that it's more compressed). There is a photo quality setting, but I don't know whether that affects video (I don't send a lot of videos, and generally don't need the highest quality for sharing stuff this way: I'd email the original, or upload it and share the link, if I wanted that).

Signal has media quality settings (standard and high), but I've never used it for sending media so don't know about what that means in practice. The problem with any of these apps is that you need to persuade everyone you want to send to to sign up.

Another option is to use something like Google photos, create a gallery for stuff you want to share and share that with people. That will allow you to share with higher quality, but doesn't have the convenience of being integrated with message threads. As with anything, there's a trade-off between quality and convenience in these things.
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