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Help Video calls?

I rooted with z4root, Issue now is I have to install a recovery, and to do that it looks like its telling me to reboot into a recovery and install it? lol, I know I'm polish...but I think that's confusing. Lastly when I plug the phone into the pc it says unknown, and doesn't install the driver, also for some reason it boots me off the internet.
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good question about the recovery thing, like i said, idk how z4 root works.
but entertain me and download sw update, install, reboot computer, open the program and plug your phone in. if it says "com5connected" or com6connected or anything like that on the bottom right than it will work.

Seems like the proximity sensor isnt working, idk what else.
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No it stays on that screen, guess its not gonna work for u :(
Only thing left that you could do is this:Manually root phone.

ive read before somewhere on sdx that z4 doesn't work, just thought id through that out there. ill look for the thread right now.
-Found it: http://forum.sdx-developers.com/transform-general-discussion/root-with-z4root/msg146955/#msg146955
"I used super one click root and z4root both only installed superuser app but did not root. I agree, Vamp's is easy and better. Plus with swupgrade you can flash different roms and kernel.

--have you installed the samsung drivers to your computer yet?
if not than here they are:http://www.samsung.com/us/support/downloads/SPH-M920ZKASPR
try and instal and than run sw again. maybe even uninstall and reinstall sw and it might work with the drivers.
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