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Video Player Error Handling


Nov 27, 2011
I have been watching documentaries, on my Samsung gs2, and usually everything is great, even with the stock video player. Only problem is, sometimes a video file will not be perfect. If I am watching it on my computer using Windows Media Player, yeah, these data errors might screw up the video or the audio as it plays, BUT it soldiers on, and keeps playing in spite of it. However, on my phone, I've tried MX, Real, Mobo, and Act1 so far, and when each of these encounters a flaw in the file it terminates playing the file, leaving me no idea where I was in the video when it quit playing. The app itself doesn't FC, it just quits playing the video. Sometimes this happens a lot and it's getting really annoying.

Does anyone know if there is a video player for Android that handles file errors gracefully like Windows Media Player does?
Actually, I just tested it on the Realplayer on my computer, and where it bails on my phone, there's not so much as even a glitch in the playback. But the Realplayer on my phone? No dice. The file I'm using to test with is a .mkv video file. I'm using the CCCP on my computer. Without that, neither WMP nor RP will even play an .mkv file because they don't have the codecs when you install them. However, either Android or else the phone apps themselves come with codecs, so my phone plays many more file types without needing additional codec packs installed.

Maybe this has something to do with it?
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