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Help vingette zoom


Aug 8, 2010
hey guys i just got vingette for my phone and i noticed when i zoom with 8mp qualitry it doesnt zoom rather focuses on one point. is this a known thing with vingette or am i doing something wrong? also for the x10 which would you say is the best camera ap (i take alot of night photos and zoom alot).
That is a vingnette thing I'm afraid. Its one that I dont like too much and actually prefer the stock app for that. I had trouble with it when I was trying to take a shot of my son wave skimming on holiday, it was a bright day anyway and trying to see what I was focussing on was really tricky.

Having said that I have the paid for Vingnette and love it for other things... its filters do an amazing job if you want to do something a bit different. Got some really powerful shots of clouds and cliffs whilst on holiday using different filters.

Also the on screen switch on and off of the 'flash' (!) is better than the menu troll that you have to do on the stock app.
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