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Root [Virgin Mobile] Looking For Recent Updated Stock Messaging APK


May 11, 2012
I just flashed the newest Dirty Unicorn Test Build Rom (10/25) and noticed that GAPPS 4.4.4 only has hangouts. I understand I could download an older GAPPS, but can anyone point me in the right direction to download JUST the stock messaging Google single APK? Thanks in advance. I am a frequent member of this forum, but everyone is so helpful here I rarely need to post anything. :D
Thanks for your input guys. I did in fact try searching the app store and of course none by Google. And MajorOutage, I am looking for the APP itself, not the Fix. Maybe someone would be kind enough to extract theirs and upload it for me through Titanium Backup?!?! I can only manage to find the huge packs of GAPPS, and not the individual APK's by themselves.
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Its in the playstore too. Gotta search for aosp messenger/messaging . The stock Google messaging app is actually hangouts. I think you flashed stock gapps. Full gapps doesn't replace it I believe .

I seen the Aosp messenger/messaging one, but did not want anything altered, as that one is a different developer. Was just looking for the stock one. I do realize the newer gapps does not have it, but was going to install the last, latest version which I think was included in Gapps 4.4.2. Just cannot find it anywhere.
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Hmmm. Downloaded and everything David. But the application will not install? I even have "Unknown Services" checked. This has not happened before. Checked my version of Android and is indeed 4.4.4. Any ideas?

You need to take the apk file and copy and paste it into system/priv-app on your phone using a file explorer and then set the permissions to rw-r-r
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