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Root [Virgin Mobile] MK5 modem on MG2

Can I flash an MK5 modem on MG2? I'm on Carbon 4.3, and I'm having some trouble sending/receiving MMS. I know in the CM 10.2 thread, a lot of users reported success with the MK5 modem+Hangouts+Mopeds fix, so I'd like to do the same if possible.

Yes, for the short answer. Modems are not bootloaders, so flash away. While you're at it, I would recommend just downloading all of the available VM/Boost and Sprint modems, and give JD a thanks for providing the VM/Boost ones because he's the man!

Go to this thread, post #658, I just linked all of them in that reply yesterday:

Thread by wetbiker7 for ROM's, modems, etc.
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How do you determine which modem to use? I have tried MK5, MG2 and MD7 and I don't really see much of a difference between them. Is there a preferred modem to use or does it depend on your area or if you need 4g or not? Sorry, I am fairly new to all of this but learning quickly.

Literally personal preference if one works better than another. Otherwise, using the newest one is generally a good idea if they all give the same results.
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When I was running stock (I'm currently on cm 10.2) I had issues flashing modems.

When I was on stock 4.3 I could only use the mk5 modem. If I flashed the md7 or mg2 modem I had no signal or data. Also, when I flashed back to 4.1.2 no matter what modem I flashed I had no signal or data either. I never quite figured it out but it doesn't really matter, now I'm running cm 10.2 and I'm loving it.
Just wanted to throw that out there.
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