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Root [Virgin Mobile] Tips on Link2SD


May 24, 2013
Been having out of memory problems with my SGV. I have it rooted and Link2SD installed. I have it set to auto link all installs to the external SD. I have a 32gb SD partition off with about 10GB allocated to the phone. Even though EVERY app is set to go to the extSDCard, the internal 1.73gb card fills up.

I just don't get why internal fills up. I browsed the internal card on my PC and all the folders there are empty but the card is still full. Another thing is about 19GB of the extSDCard is not viewable by the phone or on the PC but shows in Link2SD as free...

Any tips?? Thanks!
I found my error. I had 2 Fat32 partitions on the ExtSD(32GB). When I shut down the phone and removed the SD card, I put it in my PC and repartitioned and formatted the second part as EXT4 per some Link2SD tutorials online I found. While doing this I lost ALL my apps and the phone was almost bricked. I had re download the Play Store APK to get everything back.

The good news is I now have 818mb free on the internal! Yay me!

Thanks for your tips fellas...
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