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Visible Drops Monthly Price to $25.00/mo For All

* Since there is no sub-forum for Visible, I'm posting here as they are a Verizon MVNO
Verizon's Visible Does the Unthinkable by Lowering Plan Prices
My wife and I have been with Visible for a couple years, and no problems; unlimited everything, including wifi tethering! Customer Support is limited to online chat with an agent, but they are actually helpful. I ported my Google Voice number to them, and it went smoothly. The two times I needed help (related to a new phone), they were spot on. They even overnighted me a SIM card. I have heard reports of people with issues paying their monthly bill using the app, but I have automatic payment set up and it's never been an issue. Sign up at visible.com using my referral code, 3mPBpg, and receive $20.00 off your first month of service.
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