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Vkworld VK700 Pro Review -cheap phone with 3.0D Corning Gorilla Glass


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Nov 29, 2013
As you maybe know VK700 Pro is the second dual-sim phone from Vkworld company. You can see,
that phone is really cheap with price under $100, and for that price phone has really good features. Far as we go, phone
has 5.5 inches HD screen, which is protected with 3.0D Corning Gorilla Glass and metal frame with which is surounded.

Design and build

We all know, that for some people iPhone is really expensive phone, and VK700 Pro has some similarity
with iPhone through design, and someone who don't have enough money for iPhone, can maybe buy VK700 Pro.
According to earlier info, as I said, that VK700 Pro has metal frame, which surounds 3.0D Corning Gorilla Glass.
I have a feeling that the back cover could be also made from metal, but i dont have info about that.
it just my feeling when i touch it the back cover.


The screen is 5.5 inches big and it has HD resolution. There is also Corning Gorilla Glass, which was metioned before in the text.
Sometimes, screen is not reacting from first attempt, so according to that we can say, that is not sensitive too much.

Camera Quality

VK700 Pro has 13 megapixel camera according to the company, and you will see that the photos are bluish,
although they are sharp enough. Below you can see samples of photos. I'm not surprised for this price range.

Photo samples

Battery life

VK700 Pro has 3200 mAh battery. It does not support fast charging.
With average use it can last no longer than one day.


If you are looking for cheap phone with price under $100 than VK700 Pro is good choice. Features are really good, for really low price.
Anyone who can be pleased with 5.5 inches big HD screen, Corning Gorilla Glass, metal frame could consider it.

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