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Voice call dialing


Jul 24, 2019
Hello P10 users,
I'm new to this forum and chose to join for I could not find any good solution on the web to my problem.
Many years ago I had a Nokia 6110 which was not smart but had a voice call solution that I liked a lot. The user could record voice samples and associate them with contact list entries. For example if the contact was called John Brown and the associated voice sample (using my own voice) was "my best friend" it was enough to press a key while driving and say "my best friend" to call John Brown. I did a lot of search on the internet for such an application since smart phones started to rule the market and tried some, but they were far less reliable than the Nokia solution. Question: Does anyone of you know a reliable (and not too expensive) app that works in a similar way?
You may ask why I do not use the default Android voice dialing. The answer is because I am Hungarian and there are many sounds in the Hungarian language (and in names) that have such combination of letters that are still not recognized reliably by the built-in feature. Your help will be very appreciated, thanks in advance.
Hi Dannydet,
Unfortunately this is not what I am looking for. I do not need ringtones. What I need is the capability to record my own voice sample, link it to any entry in my contact list and when I want to initiate a call, dial the number to which my voice sample has been linked when I pronounce the same voice sample. But thanks for trying to help.
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