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Voice Memos - Voice Recorder

July Hoang

Nov 12, 2021
Voice recorder - Voice Memos is one of the best free recorder app for Android. With light capacity, beautiful interface, modern features, the recording app is an unlimited voice recorder with voice memos, easy audio recorder.

Modern recording app for your life
✅ Voice memos with no time limit
✅ Listen to recordings again anytime, anywhere
✅ Voice redcorder</b> support recording format: PCM, MP3
✅ Background recording even when using other apps
✅ Cut files quickly to get your favorite recordings
✅ Cool voice changer feature
✅ Audio recorder even without internet
✅ Sound recorder</b> super fast
✅ Easily send, share files
✅ Easy-to-use recording interface.

Voice Recorder with no time limit
With Audio Recorder, you can rest assured that you will fully and accurately record every meeting, lecture, song and story you want.
You can record as much as you want, anytime, anywhere, any voice recorder app can help you voice memos accurately and quickly.

Record quickly and conveniently
Recording appis designed like a professional voice recorder, helping you to record anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone.
With the smart notification bar, you can completely record with the fastest one-touch.

High recording quality
Voice recorder with professional sound processor helps to record high-quality to make the sound loud, clear and full. You won't have to worry about poor sound or loss of sound.
In addition, sound recorder can record background even using other applications that allow you to record without affecting the use of the phone.

Convenient recording file cutting feature
Do you have long recordings to process?
You want to cut the desired recording
=> You can use the cut feature of the recording app. This feature helps you to cut unnecessary recordings to get the best recording.

Cool voice changer feature
Not just a regular recording app, you can use the voice changer feature to have unique recordings.
With interesting voices: Chipmunk, Man, Kid, Cave, Gost... help you have more funny recordings
In addition, you can easily increase the volume and speed up your recording.

Share recording files easily
You can easily share recording files with relatives, friends or on other applications quickly.

Voice Recorder is still in the process of improvement and development, so your contribution is a great motivation to make the product better and better. We look forward to receiving your contributions via email: voicerecorder@ecomobile.vn.
Thank you very much!



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