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Help Volume Out of Control


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Aug 11, 2015
My Friend is having issue where at times her phone’s volume control goes haywire and either rises all the way to max volume or lowers it to zero. In addition, it’ll skip a song that’s playing or go to S Voice without any buttons being pressed or words said. it usually happens when the headphones are plugged in or Spotify is running, however, it’s also happened without those 2 things. Also, she wanted to know if it’s a good idea to update to Lollipop.

I have now confirmed that the problems occur when she connects her Creative HN-900 noise cancelling headphones to the device. Any ideas why that might happen? They worked fine for the past five months…

Thanks in advance. ;)
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I had the exact same problem just now. I was listening to a podcast on Spotify with my headphones (cheap junk from dollar general) when S Voice pops up. Get frustrated and accidentally push on the plug for the earbuds. S Voice. I found that fiddling with the plug opened S Voice. Also I've had problems with my phone randomly restarting. Can't find any answers. If you do please let me know.
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I did some digging and I may have found a solution. Go to the settings, then your application manager. Go to all and find s voice. Click it and then click clear data. Double tap your home button (or if you disabled that in the settings of the app itself, which was recommended, just open it from the app drawer). When the disclaimer pops up, DON'T press confirm. Press the back button and the app will close. I just did this and came straight here to see if this would help you. Don't know for sure if it works 100% but I will find out.
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