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Aug 10, 2012
Hi there. This is my first post here. Would like to say this forum has been a great help learning how to use my first android phone.

I have rooted my phone using the prerooted image, as well as using PDAnet to tether to my laptop. I've been trying to get some MMOs (SWTOR and The Secret World) to work and I'm pretty sure the problem is the ports are blocked. A friend suggested I tried setting up a VPN, either through a subscription service or to my home computer, in order to bypass this.

I have tried using FreeVPN, DroidVPN and a couple others on the marketplace. None of them work. DroidVPN said it was unable to find a tun.ko file for the phone. So I'm curious if it is possible to run VPN on this phone, if anyone has any insight on this I would love to hear it. Thank you.

tl;dr Can the Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G connect to any VPNs?

This is what happens when I load DroidVPN, followed the directions to get the file to no success.
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