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samsung galaxy attain 4g

  1. R

    Help need AttainFix.tar.gz

    I cant find this file anywhere, can someone send this to me? I bricked my attain
  2. S

    Help Problem with my Samsung Galaxy Attain battery.

    So I was just playing my Galaxy attain and my battery level was 93% then I open a app and it says the battery is low. Why?
  3. A

    Root Anyone still have the Attain?

    I see these forums are kind of dead lately. I have just acquired an attain from a friend of mine, I have to give it back, but im working on it with some simple stuff. Already have it rooted with the basic methods, now im just working on trying to develop a rom, with highly compressed files to...
  4. M

    Help AttainFix.tar.gz

    Does any body have this file?.I bricked my attain and it boots to a blank screen because I failed to uncheck re partition.
  5. T

    Help Attain Reset

    I'm having a problem with my Attain. When I listen to music, it'll skip every 5-7 seconds then if I try and do something (like click the home button), it'll skip really quickly and then reset, taking me to the homescreen. I'm not sure if they're related problems or not, but sometimes I'll type...
  6. S

    Help Auto/Constant Reboot. Please Help?

    Dear fellow android users, My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G from MetroPCS. I've had the phone for over a year (got it March '12) and have never had any issues whatsoever until now. On the way home my phone just all of a sudden began to restart over and over again. It goes in this order >...
  7. Tokenpoke

    Root Some stuff, thoughts and whatnot.

    Is anyone still playing with this thing? I ask because I think we might be able to get mobile Odin working on here... meaning no more pc needed and less brick risk. Also, has anyone found a working one click root? I still have my attain lying around for later Modding so just curious.
  8. B

    Help Services denied by the network

    For the past few weeks I've been receiving the error "Services denied by the network". When I click on it, the icon disappears and nothing happens, so I have no way of knowing what's causing it. I have tried resetting the phone several times, and have even left it untouched after a reset, so...
  9. Gman9831

    MetroPCS PSA: Look to see if your phone's affected

    Look and see if your phone will be affected by this
  10. M

    Despicable me Minion Rush?

    Can anyone else get this game to play on their phone? I have downloaded it and its installed, but when I open it stays on loading 51% and wont move.
  11. ryanzurlo88

    Root need metropcs qpst settings for metropcs. coming from cricket with flashed attain

    is it possible anybody can give me the qpst settings for an attain to metro? mine was flashed to cricket but need it back to metro pcs cause cricket has no service where i'm moving. and metro is saying $50 to flash it back BEFORE activating it. I hope somebody can help me. thank you. ps:when it...
  12. travisantonio

    Root Atttains Alive

    How many attains are there alive for development?
  13. K

    Root Lost 4g after softreset on my rooted attain

    Hello guys here is my question hope i can get help I have had my attain for 1 yr I rooted it with odin and all that like 9 months ago everything went well i had my rooted phone. But like 2 months ago i did a reset to my attain and now it lost the 4g signal at all. I have...
  14. S

    Help (Help) I need rom of Samsung Galaxy Attain

    I need rom of Samsung Galaxy Attain Trying to do root my cellular one me to erase the android
  15. P

    Root Problem with Attain

    The phone goes to the samsung logo and shuts off, sometimes it goes through the animation but still boots off. At first I thought maybe it was a corrupted sd card so I took it out with no luck, then I thought it was a corrupted sim card so i took it out with no luck. I've run out of options...
  16. Grimothy

    Root Fixing Attain's 4G

    I fixed my phone's Attain by using these two when rooting/flashing my phone. Here's the PIT http://forum.x-drivers.com/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=22 and Here's the PDA (original "Pre-Rooted" pda) http://www.shabbypenguin.com/OUDstuff/Attain4G/Pre-Rooted.tar Remember to uncheck...
  17. D

    Root Porting apps

    Can we get the new twlauncher and the widgets for our phone ? And also is there a way to get media hub app??
  18. Y

    Root changing bands

    Hi all, I bought a Attain in USA and I live in Bolivia. Here the phone does not catch signal, the technician tells me are the bands, GSM is used here, I think the band HSDPA too, and the phone only has CDMA and LTE. I was reading and I know that there is a rom "gasmod" to be installed on...
  19. OrKo

    Root Seeking some advice: Problem with Attain..

    My girlfriend has had this phone since it came out last year. I have since then only flashed the original pre-rooted.tar also the original deodexedstock.tar. removed some bloat and that's about it, I have not updated it to the latest update yet. Just recently she told me her phone has been...
  20. C

    Root Flashing phone for family friend (Experienced) however, got a min?

    So my friend has this Metro Samsung SCH-R920 phone. The 4G sucks, and I know others with Metro android's in the area (Whom even use their phone teathered for PS3 gaming online & netflix) they don't face drops, or slow speeds. The phone is constantly dying, and not just battery wise. I...
  21. Tokenpoke

    Root Random reboots?

    I gave my girlfriend my galaxy attain 4g When I got my motion. now she's telling me that it reboots randomly.. Its rooted stock... anyone else with this issue?
  22. R

    Help How can I make an image of the ORIGINAL OS

    Ok... Here's my problem. I want to make an image that I can flash on to my SCH-R920. I have two phones. One that's rooted and one in original form. Here's what I want to do... 1> I want a flashable copy of the out of the box OS. 2> I want to know how to change the EIN on the phone so I...
  23. H

    Help Help no sound on Attain watsoever

    Hey I need help i am not sure what happend but my Attain 4g audio is completeley disabled,my mic,voice call,media,ringer dosnt work at all even when i plug in hedaphones.My phone is rooted i beleive it was because i factory restarted it.i messed up because i did not backup phone although...
  24. I

    Root Custom kernel with FUSE support

    Hi, all. Has anyone managed to get a custom kernel with FUSE running on it yet? I wanted to try Paragon's filesystem driver which would, among other things, allow me to use exFAT-formatted cards, including SDXC cards. Paragon's driver needs FUSE support since the filesystem code runs in...
  25. Fabman95

    Root We Need A Custom Recovery Now!!!

    Whatever happened to all the progress on clockworkmod recovery? :mad: I managed to find all the work that DRockstar did so far so here's the links ;) http://github.com/DRockstar/android_device_samsung_attain4g http://github.com/DRockstar/android_bootable_recovery/tree/attain4g We need to put...