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VZW customer Service


Oct 6, 2010
I know this isn't about my DX but I took the wifes D2G in to the Local VZW store yesterday. (an actual VZW store) Granted the D2G was under warranty, but I still expected a Spanish Inquisition on getting it replaced. Her phone was really quirky, opened apps on it's own, frozen 2-3 times a day (which required batt pulls to recover), you name it this phone had it. Possibly even herpes.....eeeewwww. Anyway, the VZW rep sat their listened to me and took info. Punched a few keys on the comp and said the new phone would be here today. 5 minutes and we were done. The kind of service we PAY for and EXPECT. Very pleased. :D
Agreed. Before my Droid,I had the misfortune of buying those crappy LG Chocolates for both my lines. Across two an a half years, I bet we got 7-8 replacement phones. The new phones were not always free (a few of them drowned) but VZW consumer service was always great.

Only thing I will say - make sure you are dealing with a corporate store, and not an "authorized reseller" or "Affiliated store" - IME they are staffed by sharks who's only goal is to get money out of your wallet... (probably true for any brand, though)
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