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Help Want the option of choosing the app to view my ringtones when assigining it to a contact


Android Enthusiast
May 12, 2011
When I try to assign a particular ringtone normally it would ask me in what app I want to view the ringtones on my sd card but due to clumsy handling I tapped the option ‘Always’ I would prefer to view it thru ES Manager, (I can’t view some of the ringtones on my sd card). I know I have to clear the defaults but I am at a loss where I have to do it. Any inputs where I have to go to clear defaults so I get back this option of choice when I want to view ringtones?
@mistergoof Thanks :) Since I just upgraded to ver 6 today I tried this and it worked, I went to Settings-> Apps, tap the three dots on the right and select 'Show system'. Scroll down to 'Media Storage' and tap 'Open by default' and then tap 'Clear Defaults'. Posting here so that anyone who is walking on the same path as me will like to read this.
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