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Help Want to Disable Last Number Redial

Avi Nash

Feb 29, 2016
I use an over the ear blue tooth headset while going outdoors. many times, while enabling or disabling the blue tooth icon in the phone settings and the headset itself, I end up redialing someone.
is there a way to disable this function altogether? I rarely use the phone for real phone calls as most of my phone calls are on WhatsApp. It is extremely annoying to have to explain to someone that I dialed in error and continue to talk to them in any case!

I really dislike this redial function in Android and wish to at least be able to disable it.
Not sure what device you have, might want to let us know. I would also start with the obvious first, try un-pair the device, reboot and pair again, see if that solves the issue, if not, then report back with more info, and we'll see what we can do from here.

You can also try this, Go to setting, accessibility, answering and ending calls turn off the setting that automatically connects when you have head phones in
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Instead of turning bluetooth off by going into phone settings, use the bluetooth icon in Quick Settings.

Pull down the quick settings menu and tap the icon to disconnect, and also to connect.

If the icon is not present in the quick settings, then open quick settings, enter the edit mode, and add it.

The top 5-6 icons in the list are the ones that show first and are the ones that appear when you only pull down the control panel.

These should be set to be the ones you use the most, and in this case, you probably want Bluetooth to be one of them.
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