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Wanted: battery powered charger

The efficiency of such a charger is about 60%.
So, for to give your Nexus a full charge the charger's battery shouldn't be less as 1.7x of the capacity of your Nexus' battery.

I'd look for an Anker Astro3 10000mAh powerbank.


I'll second that. I bought one of these and it's great for the N7 (and other devices) --

Amazon.com: Anker
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You want to absolutely make sure whatever you get states it works for the nexus 7.

Many of them are not able to charge the tablet

IE. make sure it has a 2A output. That's what the N7 charger outputs.

I second Anker products though. I have had the older 8400 mAh power bank for over a year and still works great. The build quality is rock solid.
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