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Watching TV/Movies


Jun 22, 2010
I will be traveling next week and want the ability to watch tv or movies on my laptop. I Downloaded Easy Tethering to not have to pay expensive resort wifi but just realized Hulu not Droid friendly. Any other sites or suggestions where I could watch some TV or movie programming?

Hulu doesn't work if watching directly from your phone (without rooting and a mod), but if tethering with your laptop it should work fine.

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong...

should work fine because you will be watching via your laptop....not your phone

test it now before you leave

there have been some tv apps pop up in the market but none of them really work all that well.

don't forget to load some movies onto the sd card! leave room for pictures tho hahah
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If your going to tether for free, you better be rooted or your going to pay sprint $30 for their tether service.

If you have ATT Uverse at home you can download their App and download some of their selected channels to watch on your phone. Although to download a show from the Uverse App, you have to be connected to Wifi. Here is the link to the app xda-developers

You have to be a member of XDA to download it. Registration is free.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip.:)
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