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Help Water Damaged HTC One X


Jul 14, 2013
Hey, the other day some water got on my HTC One X, while it was on. You all know the how the HTC One X's battery cannot be removed, which in turn, I tried to turn it off, but I was only able to restart it by holding the power button. As we all know, turning on a phone while it is wet is a BAD idea, but in this case, it was unavoidable. I put the phone in rice, but all the phone kept on doing was restarting. After about 10 hours (or so) in the rice, the phone died. The last activity I saw was when there was a red flashing on the top of the phone close to the front camera, then everything stopped. I can't upgrade for another year, so I'm pretty much stuck with it until then, but I was wondering if there was ANY way to fix it. Please let me know any and all possible ways. Thanks and cheers!


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