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Weather temp at top

I've just re-started using Weatherunderground, I don't have the temp in the notification bar but you can set it to update in X amount of minutes or when the screen is unlocked/open. I have (the widget) updating when I unlock. Anyway, when I did have it showing the temp it didn't seem to hit the battery at all.
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I've been using WeatherBug for years. I've never noticed it being a particularly heavy drain on the cell phone battery.

In any case, there are plenty of "The 10 [or 8, or 12, or 15, or whatever] Best Weather Apps" articles to be found via a quick online search. Go read a few of them, decide which of the weather apps sound interesting, and download them to your phone. I'm sure you'll eventually find one which meets your needs, without unduly draining your phone's battery.
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