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May 1, 2011
what kind of web browser application are you using? I heared that there is a web browser application that can make it possible to use a flash player. I tried skyfire, it asked that I download adobe flashplayer in order to view videos that required flash. I was unable to install the flashplayer. the reason I'm asking is because I know that the acclaim itself, cpu can't support flash anything and if there is a browser that will enable it I would like to know. so what web browser are you using if any? thank you for your time in responding !
I think the Skyfire renders flash on its servers and can bring *some* of the content to the phone through the browser. I dont know the technical details of it, but it still wont allow you to view all the flash items on the web. It wont allow you to install flash from the market either. Unfortunately our phones are right beneath the cutoff for flash. Im not sure if any other browsers offer this or not. I tried it once and was not too impressed with the browser itself, so I uninstalled.
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