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Help Weekday Alarm not going off.


Sep 27, 2010
I have been having this problem for the last week. I have a persistant alarm set on my phone set for Monday through Friday.

I don't really rely on it(thankfully) but last week it didn't go off on Thursday. I noticed it didn't go off Friday as well. Sunday night I went and just set the time on the alarm 15 minutes ahead. The alarm went off on Monday morning but hasn't gone off since.

So it seems if I edit the alarm it will go off once but it hasn't gone off since. Before last Thursday I had never had the problem.

Also just as a note I pulled the battery on the phone for a "reset" and it didn't seem to make a difference.

Any ideas?
Yep. Feeling dumb. Noticed it was in my kill list right after I posted this and just didn't have a chance to post back till today about it.

I don't have auto kill on but I must have selected it as an app to kill for kill all unknowingly. I don't really use ATK that much but every so often it comes in handy when pandora or last decides it doesn't want to respond and it is still playing music when I'm trying to get out of my car and go into work.

Even though I figured it out before I came back on here, thanks anyways for confirming my stupidity. :)
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