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Well isn't that some garbage???

Gameloft never seems to surprise me anymore. They are just completely unpredictable sometimes good and most of the times bad for most users. You'll have a stroke trying to figure them out. I think they was working on Optimus 3D longer though. It was actually the first 3D phone announced. Plus its been out in other countries a while now if I remember correctly.
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If most of those games aren't in 3D, then I don't care. The purpose of me getting this phone is to optimize "THE" BEST usage out of my 3D capabilities on the 3DVO as possible. Gameloft isn't the only games developer out there. If someone makes better 3D games, I will just follow them - It's that simple. What it all comes down to anyway, is it being about MY enjoyment. So no matter who creates the game, I will buy what pleases me.
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