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Help well, my replacment is here, number 4...


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Jun 14, 2010
and its great :D it fired up right away, seemed to boot much faster. its so much smoother. im using "best keyboard" instead of the htc one and i find it much better. the phone was activated last night and its been running smooth as butter ever since. i did notice it got a little laggy for a second today but i hit the task killer and it cleared right up. the laggy swipe unlock is now gone, the other 3 phones i had a hard time draggint items to the recycle box with to delete from the main screen, this one, no issues at all, i can move them between screens without it giving me any headaches either where as before it would randomly not go or kick me back to the other screen i came from.

one thing though, my old phones were all white, i opted for a black one this time around. i find the black one has a rubberized battery cover where as the white ones were plastic. maybe this is how theyve always been, maybe its a new batch of phones. who knows. but so far this one is a dream to use and i have absolutely no urge to put a slug form my shotgun through its screen :D
Dude I am actually stoked for you!

For ages folks on here have jumped on you and called you a hater, patronised you, belittled you and you have even had threads started that where aimed at you and feck knows what else just for complaining about your phone!!!

Now you have one that works how it is meant to, surely this goes in some way to prove that there are/was some very bad X10's out there and all your arguments and posts are correct as you have gone through 4 phones.

Now maybe the phanboi's might accept you as one of them :p

Oh and why root just yet? You never know, history does repeat it's self... :D
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haha well i wanna root to remove the rogers crap from it that has no purpose and just takes up space :)

i agree, people hate me, thats alright though as im one to speak my mind and if i have something that doesnt work ill speak my mind about it, i wont suck it up and pretend to be happy with something. trust me. my new trucks 4wd switch was acting up, gm had it once, said it was fine, i went back a few days later and now they managed to find a fault in the system thats being taken care of. them telling me its working right because they cant figure it out isnt good enough for me :)

i did have one issue with the phone tonite which wasnt a big deal. talking to the wife the phone closed the call. turns out the dialer force closed. aside from that the phone is working great, its quick, its smooth, i have no complaints about it and if 2.1 will make it even better than it already is then i cant wait as this one seems to be working perfectly.

i really do think rogers had a shitty batch of phones, they must have bought a bunch from se and were just passing them off and i think i just managed to get one from the new batch. hell lets put it this way, i had handcent sms installed on 2 of the old ophones, and each time it was laggy and wouldnt load right away. id have to hit the button a few times to open the app. i have it on here now, i click it, it opens instantly. no problems. works great. so im sure there were issues with the other phones, as i said, likely old batches that were defective.
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