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Root well-seasoned Android user makes gnuub mistake with safestrap


Dec 21, 2009
I got root by using motofail then installed safestrap. Everything went fine; made a backup and flashed Gumi ROM - everything still fine.

THEN in safestrap I screwed the pooch by installing system safe or safe system (whichever it is) and rebooted. I rebooted into a horrific bootanimation of a cat with a rainbow commin' out of it's azz and that's it.. nothing more and no way to stop it or shutdown since the battery doesn't come out. I let it run till the battery died so I could reboot into recovery. But what then? Will a wipe/factory reset take me all the way back so I can start over? I don't want to do anything further until some one takes pitty on my and tells me the best way outta this mess. Oh, and, go ahead and laugh at me since it is funny in a pathetic ******ed kinda way.
You can do a cold boot by holding power and volume down for 10 seconds. It completely overrides the system, like a battery pull would.

To the OP, just to be sure, this is the steps you took:
1) Rooted the phone
2) Installed the safestrap
3) Booted into safestrap
4) Created a backup
5) Wiped data
6) Flashed a rom
7) Enabled safe system

Correct? If so, you have installed a rom over your original files, and then switched over to the safe system where there is nothing to boot to.
Without installing a rom after the safe system was enabled, the phone has nothing to boot to.

I suggest rebooting to recovery, disabling safe system, wiping your data/cache and restoring your backup. If that works with no problems, reboot to recovery again, and make sure to enable safe system BEFORE wiping any data or flashing any ROMs. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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