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wow, that guy is a douche. Its pretty obvious that he has no idea what he is talking about. Very badly researched. 10 mins on this forum or any other would have given him all the info that he missed.( which is a hell of a lot)
no front facing camera? - idiot
listing iphone 4 as being able to multitask- congratulations apple on finally being able to do what others have been doing for years.
god it works me up just thinking abut how badly biased that article was.
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lolz, how is a 3.5" lcd better than a 4" Super AMOLED?

Both the Samsung Galaxy S and the iPhone 4 feature a 1GHz processor. The Galaxy S's processor is ARM's Cortex A8 1GHz processor, while the iPhone4 uses Apple's own Apple A4 processor.
We've seen the capabilities of Apple's A4 processor on the iPad and it performs fantastically well. Samsung has a lot to compete with in this arena.
Winner: iPhone 4"

Seriously??? We don't even know what the iphone processor is clocked at yet and he declares it the winner?? Let alone the fact that they both use the same ARM Cortex A8 processor lol.
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