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What am I doing wrong with DoubleTwist AirSync?


Extreme Android User
Jun 7, 2010
I'm sure I'm screwing up something here and this is 100% user error. I'm using DoubleTwist AirSync to sync my playlists to my phone. So I go into DoubleTwist, make sure it sees my phone, pick the playlists I want to sync and hit sync. It looks like it works. I see a progress bar, music is being transferred, all is good. Then I go into PowerAmp and I don't see any playlists in there at all and only see some of my music. No problem. I'll just re-scan the folders. That fixes the problem with my music. It all appears to be there. I don't see any playlists under the playlist view here. It's not much use to me to just have all my music, but none of the actual playlists. What am I missing here?

Edit: Definitely user error involved. Rebooted my phone and it all showed up.


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