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What app is using this heart shape icon?

Hi everyone, I had gotten a screenshot from my fiancé and at first I thought it was a fitness tracker but sent this one with an extra heart on the notifications. I’m unsure if it’s another fitness app or a dating one. We’ve had problems in the past but things changed, or so I thought. Any help would be great!

Ps it’s the far left heart. Not the one with the pulse


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The one on the right is definately a fitness app as it pops up on my phone frequently (though I've never been able to track down which app it is, I think it may be in the OS). I don't have any dating, matchmaking, hookup apps on my phone. The one on the left could quite reasonably also be a fitness app as multiple apps can be used simultaneously to track things and both could be raising an alert for the same thing (i.e. Google Fitness, MapMyHike, etc.)

Or, I could be completely wrong since there are 10 bazillion apps that use heart notification icons, many have nothing to do with heart health or dating.
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