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Help What are the litle circles next to the speaker?

I know what you're looking for, but it's not a camera. Sorry.

actually i couldnt think of any other uses (i know it isnt a camera or it would be a huge deal already). i was hoping someone else would have a good idea for them.
maybe you could use it to silence the phone? currently i know if you flip the phone onto its face it will quiet the ringer. maybe the prox sensor could be setup so that you just place your hand over the phone and it becomes quiet instead of having to flip it over?
seems like a simple update for the phone app to me, but im not a programmer.
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so the light sensor is for auto-adjusting the screen brightness?
and the proximity is so that you dont hang up the phone with your cheek?
any other uses for either of these?
Light sensor is used if you have autobrightness on for the screen and for the bottom 4 capacitive buttons (which turn on in dark environments). It may also be used for other apps such as the camera, however I personally do not know all the details of that.

Proximity sensor is exactly what you said. It makes it so that you can't accidentally hang up on someone with your face/cheek. The screen goes black when there is an object within its range on a call, and turns back on once that object moves away. And as you mentioned in the last post, I do believe it plays a role in the "turn over to silence" option, along with the accelerometer.
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