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What are your must have apps?


Jun 27, 2013
Mine are,
An Anti-Virus app+ scanner/Find your phone app. I use AVG that uses Google log in and it has caught a bad app. I once used it to locate 1 of 3 family phones that was missing along with kid at a basketball court. I bought the paid version for my kids phone so every time someone doesn't get the pin/password/swipe pattern right in three attempts, it emails me with their picture and location.

Find Me app, so in case you just misplace your phone around the house in a sofa cushion or under a car seat, someone can text a key word and set an alarm off even if the phone is on silent.

Flashlight app

Widget that direct dials that one special person and keep it on the bottom shortcuts for all screens.

Zedge for Ringtones, Notification
sounds and Wallpapers


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