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What does grey phone and grey outgoing arrow on samsung call log symbol mean?


Oct 18, 2021
A person says they called me and talked to me from their samsung phone, but I never received the call and there is no record in my call logs. To backup their claim, the person sent a screenshot from their phone. On the screenshot the incoming call symbol is a grey phone with inward facing green arrow. The purported call to me is the only outgoing call visible, the call log symbol is a grey phone with grey outward facing arrow.

Based on the symbol convention/colours for the other calls visible in the screenshot, should the outgoing call to me not have an orange outward facing arrow if the call was connected? What does a grey outward facing arrow on an outgoing call mean?

The purported call to me is outlined in green in the image

Thanks for your help


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Okay so, grey just means normal outgoing and incoming calls that went through using your carrier
red means missed
also the little green arrow to incoming calls mean that it was accepted by you and the blue circle with a line though it means that you declined the call
I can confirm all of that.
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