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Root What is a good ROM for the MetroPCS L70?


Jan 9, 2016
Hi Y'all, new guy here, I have tried every ROM available for this device, and I just want one that I can stick to, as most ROMs I just keep going forward and back, however, I need a working phone, not a ROM test lab. I'm not a guy for eye candy, just a ROM that is likely to stay on my phone. Can someone point me to the right direction? If anyone is asking, I'm currently using PAC-ROM KitKat on my L70.
Is you want rock-hard stability, stick to the stock ROM, because that ROM is made specificaly for the device. Any custom ROM, even on high-end devices have some minor bugs or quirks. Nevertheless, I find almost all custom ROMs for L70 pretty stable and perfect for daily driver. Btw, I'm on AOSP.
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Thanks for the reply, all the ROMs I have tested have worked like they should, but I want a ROM that I will switch once, and never modify (Install one rom and never change or touch) I moved from the stock rom due to storage problems, and also because of the memory problems, and I have to say all the custom ROMs worked well for me. Thanks.
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