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What is better for tethering?

An UrgeTo Dance

The Hero of the Winds
Jul 22, 2010
What is better for tethering easytether or pdanet? I am looking at maybe buying one for when I travel and would like to see which one everyone likes, I am leaning towards easytether because it is cheaper. Also I have an Evo running 2.2 and a mac computer so I am looking for the one that will work best with that setup.

An UrgeTo Dance
I use and love Easytether Pro. With the free version, the https sites are locked down after about 30 days (??) or so. I uninstalled and reinstalled and got another free trial version. However, it seemed to get shorter and shorter each time and eventually, felt the $10 was worth it for the stoppage of the headaches.

I use it as my primary internet now too. Asolutely love it
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I also purchased Easythether (the purchased version can access https urls without limit). I tried out both apps you reference. I decided to go with Easytether because in my testing I was able to get faster speeds with it versus PDANet. I switched back and forth between them throughout the day and every time Easytether was either the same speed or faster than PDANet. I don't know if everyone would see the same results, but that's what I noticed.
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I have PDAnet and it works well. I have used ET too and it was fine but I never noticed any speed differences between the two. PDAnet also works over BT for wireless tethering, ET might too but I forgot if it did or not.

I ended up sticking to PDAnet as it was the last one I tested and already installed and working. :> PDAnet is only $15 now, not $30 so the price difference is not a lot. When you click to buy it on their website, it shows the lower price.

FWIW, I dont know anyone with ET but know about a handful with PDAnet not that it matters.
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I use Easytether and I can use https and http addresses without a problem. I love easytether. :)

Easytether is quite nice. Just a note to the gamers out there. If you try to connect to most game servers, you will need the paid version as many game servers are seen by the app as a https equivilant. Granted, your not going to game too hard unless you are in a 4G market, but still good to know...
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