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Help What is the point of bug reports going back to you?


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Jan 23, 2013
So I'm pretty sure anyone and everyone here has at one point or another seen their phone say something about a bug capture log done. And usually it would then have a notification to ask if you want to share said bug report, usually referring to whatever apps that you have that would share the data, including but not limited to email.

So, can someone explain to me why when I would try to email it, it is just only addressed to ever come back to me, with no detail of *which app* crashed to warrant the bug report, or more appropriately, be submitted to Google/[ insert app developer here] to actually do something useful with it? It's always just addressed to pop up immediately in my own inbox and never really goes anywhere further, so the feature is pointless as far as I'm concerned. Are these app devs really that smug a bastard that they can't be bothered to use this information? :mad: I'm tired of having it just bounce back to me like I'm supposed to know what to do with these esoteric reports!
It doesn't happen often, but every time that it does lead to where it just gives me the option to email the bug report and ends up bouncing back to me, it's always with a notification and icon that looks like the top half of the Android 'bot' mascot and the bottom half of a roach.

The last occurrence only happened a couple days ago, but I forgot to actually save the email for one, and secondly didn't have time to post about it sooner until now.
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I hate to necro this thread, but even now with a new phone and new build of Android, this stuff is still hapenning. Only this time, the screenshot that it attaches to the emails is literally a solid black screen, and then a log file that doesn't seem like I can extract it at all. It never actually sends to anyone except back to myself.:mad:
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