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Help What is "wireless update" ?

If it's an official firmware update from the manufacturer, usually done from settings, you shouldn't have to backup, unless they state that you must. It's always wise to backup anyway before doing anything like this, in case the update goes wrong, and you have to factory reset or something. And it is normal for most devices to reboot into recovery, and the update file is automatically applied, then it reboots, optimizes apps etc. which might take a while.

Be warned, if the device is rooted or otherwise modified, manufacturer updates can frequently go wrong, ending up in a bricked device.

If an update notification appears as a browser pop-up, then that's definitely not official. It's some website trying to trick you into installing something, likely malicious.
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I do not know how to post an image. I think I will just return the phone as it froze last night.
If you are using the Android Forums app you press the + in a circle by the reply field, then the three dot menu, then attach picture and select the screen shot. If using web, just under the writing box there is "Post Reply", "Upload File" & "More Options...", it is the upload file and navigate to the picture from there.

Any who, more information on the device and a screen shot would help determine if it is in fact a legitimate update or a malicious app trying to get you to download something. As Mike says, if you go into Settings>About Phone>Software Update (somewhere around there, manufacturer / device specific) it will tell you there if there is a legit update due.
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I can't tell what make this phone is from that symbol, is that the Verizon symbol (UKer here). Does this message also come up when selecting update through settings, about phone? If so, update through that and should be fine. Doesn't look like a huge update so probably won't lose data from update, backup probably no necessary but maybe advisable for the off chance.
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