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Help What is wrong with connections

Hey there interweb helpers,

Newbie here. I have has issue with my phone for the past YEAR. Yes year and it is driving me nuts!!! Ever since I got the S21, my network connections have been just awful. Let me start off here....

I have an S21 on Verizon. I live in an area (even though I can look across the bay and see Seattle) that has horrible coverage for all carriers. I am kind of stuck with Verizon due to my where my wife works, they are the only ones to even get spotty service in some parts.

Well, since I am not out and about much, I am home most of the time....which btw has almost no service at the house. I figured I can just connect to my wifi at home and be able to use the phone like normal. WRONG!!!
Ya know, I got my WIFI calling on, connected to my home internet (which is really fast and a nice powerful router spreads it around the house). I can rarely take or make calls at home. Text messages struggle or even say "Cant connect to network" blah blah blah....Calls do not come through, texts wont come through, definitely can NOT text pictures from home.

Another thing is, this is not 100% of the time. Sometimes everything works just how it should, I would say a 50/50 shot at that.

Previously I had a Pixel 4xl and it had similar issues.

My wife's phone (S21+ultra) has no issues like mine. Her's works just how the phone should. I would really like to be able to have a phone that I can use when needed. I am sitting about 4 feet from my router right now with perfect wifi but can not even send a text. Someone please help :)

Also the whole picture over wifi thing??? any knowledge on that?
So you've brought up issues that depend on Verizon-based services -- phone calling and text messaging -- but are you also having problems with web browsing, apps updating themselves (i.e. email apps, social media apps, etc.), and other online access services with WiFi connectivity on this phone?
If yes that does indicate a problem with your phone, if no that could be something tied to your Verizon service.
Also, does this occur only at home or when you're connected to a WiFi network elsewhere? That might help determine if the problem is tied to your router or to your phone.

Since this has been an issue for such a long time, I'll assume in the last year you've at least rebooted your phone and your router.
Have you tried using the Network Settings Reset option in your Galaxy S21's Settings menu?
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It sounds as if there are various things going on here.

First and foremost, understand that your text messages are sent over a cellular network, not wi-fi.

Wi-fi will do your browsing, games, and things like that.
The cellular service is what handles calls and texting- period.

Some carriers/devices allow for wi-fi calling, but i have yet to see it work as described or as desired.

I am very much in a similar situation as you describe.

My working solution is to use Telegram and another app called Dingtone.

Telegram is an excellent calling, messaging, and media sharing app.
Dingtone is a calling/texting app that gives a real working phone number yet works over wi-fi.

With these two apps, I hardly even try to use my worthless cellular coverage.
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WiFi calling works just fine on my Galaxy s21. My daughter had weak signal in her last place and used it all the time (s8 and s21). So it definitely does work reliably. However as we're in Britain we are not using the same cellular or broadband provider as the OP, and our phones won't have Verizon-modified firmware. So if one of those is a factor then I've no idea.
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