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What Lockscreen is Better?

An UrgeTo Dance

The Hero of the Winds
Jul 22, 2010
Okay I have been looking at custom lockscreen and I am trying to decide between Widget Locker and GOTO lockscreen. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions they would like to give me. I would really like one that has music controls on the lockscreen which I think both may but not sure. Also with Widget Locker, can you place any app on the lockscreen and do you just touch the app to launch it or do you you have to unlock it? Thanks any info will help.

:Edit: also do any of these allow you to use the pattern passcode?
I use WidgetLocker and it works great and exactly like i want it too.

To answer your questions;
Lets see...

You can put music widgets on the lockscreen, I use PowerAMP and thats on my lockscreen. So i can pause play and skip etc through my music without unlocking it.

With WidgetLock you can put any app/widget on the lock screen and you dont have to unlock the screen to use them (Otherwise you would no longer be on the "lockscreen" ;))

And yes you can still use the pattern passcode as you normally would. (You use pattern after you've unlocked the screen then the pattern pops up)

As for GOTO i haven't used so i cannot comment on that.

Hope it helps,
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There isn't any problems with any apps and you can change the unlocking method.

There's different types i'll list 'em

WidgetLocker (Has sliders that can control different things like volume, screen brightness and of course "unlock")

Standard Android (Goes without saying)

Sense UI (Goes without saying)

iPhone (Goes without saying)

Android Rotary (You kinda spin it around to unlock it [like cracking a safe] and can do same functions as WidgetLocker)

No Slider (As it says)
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