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Help what SE has been up to

A waste of SE time IMO!

It will be a big mistake, I can bet money on that. People will buy it just because it will be advertised as being able to play games. Most, if not all of the latest mobile phone can have games...they may not be the same, but there's nothing special about the PS phone imo.

Alot of people will buy it without doing research just because it's branded "The Playstation Phone" but they will wish they didn't
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Why not keep up with sticking stuff together?

So we now have a DSLR camera, a HD camcorder, a mobile phone and a PSP all glued together...

Might as well add a sat nav, betamax and one of them old pocket TV's from the 80's too.

All in the size of a breeze block with a shoulder strap :D


Next thing, they'll have everything! I mean EVERYTHING!

A HD phone, with a slot for console games, sat nav, pocket tv, built in petrol lighter, a unisex shaver with different attachments, a tv remote, toothbrush, hair brush, comb, deodorant, knife, fork and spoon, a razor, a compartment for cards and cash, anything they can think of all stuck together to make a swiss army phone :D
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