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Feb 25, 2011
I want to create a calculator that has specific functions. So for example if someone wants picture 1,5,7,9 and each photo has a number associated with it, it will deduct from a predefined total number. Once the predefined number is reached, it cannot exceed it. I downloaded Eclipse, ran emulators and have done the hello world. I dont know where to go from here. How to create tables that associate each photo with a numerical value.

My question to you all is this, what do I do next?
I'm not sure i fully understand the functionality you're looking for, however I believe using a SQLite database may be what you want. What you would need to do is put the image files in a known location (accessible by the app), and create a database table with each image uri and an associated index:

1 kitty.png
2 dinosaur.png
3 tux.png

You may then retrieve the image uri based on a given index.

If I've totally missed your question, I apoologise. An example of a typically session might be helpful.
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