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Help What USA 5G phones are rootable? Unlockable bootloaders?

Without sacrificing 5G?

Please advise of carrier branding if relevant. I know that T-mobile allows bootloader unlocking but, their version of 5 G is not good.

My preference is a 5G phone that will work with:

28GHz spectrum (preferred) or 39GHz spectrum

Being rootable is most important; an unlockable bootloader would only be a bonus.

I desire a rooted 5G phone that I pop in my Verizon SIM card, and it works.

Maybe rootable 28GHz phones are the only real option at this time?

Do any exist?
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Manufacturers are bending to carrier demands in locking down the bootloaders, making rooting impossible. You may be able to bootstrap around the bootloader... but that's hit or miss.

As an Android enthusiast & modder since late 2009, I'm curious about what features or functionality you need/want that require root access. Back in the day, we rooted to get wireless hotspot and other functions that simply weren't available any other way. Most everything, however, is now part of the stock OS or allowed by the carriers... in fact, many apps (like banking and payment apps) will not work on a rooted device. I haven't rooted a phone in years - because I haven't had to.

I know it's your business and not mine: but I'd love to know why you need root access in 2021. Thanks

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